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I carried our daughter for 31 weeks


I remember typing this message just days after our daughter was born -- and I still don't know how my heart had the courage to do so.

But here it is, the first words I ever wrote about the start of something beautifully heartbreaking:

On January 18, 2021 at 9:30pm, Magnolia Eloise Abel was born as a beautiful, sleeping angel.

She came into this world with her mommy's nose and her daddy's long legs. Her sweet eyes and face are a perfect mixture of the the both of us.

I remember crying tears of joy when I read that positive pregnancy test, and I surprised Justin with the news that we would be parents on our wedding anniversary the next day.

From that day on, we celebrated every week and watched her grow from the size of a poppy seed to a cantaloupe.

Our excitement and love grew just as she did. Our hearts became overjoyed when we found out IT'S A GIRL! and we couldn't wait to meet her.

I carried our daughter for over 31 weeks -- the best 31 weeks of our lives.

We don't know why she left us when she did, but one thing is for sure: she has taught us that love has no boundaries and that Heaven is holding her when we can't. She has given us both strength that we never knew we had.

We will never forget her beautiful face, how it felt to kiss her cheeks, how at peace she was in our arms. She made us a mommy and a daddy, and we already miss her more than words can express.

If you're here because you know this pain too well or you've joined as a support system, I love you and I am grateful for you.


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